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The Atomic Arcade—an atom building game

What could be more fun than smashing protons and neutrons together using and Arduino and Processing? Doing it as an arcade game perhaps? Read more »

The JuicyPrint prototype—here the redder light indicates where the cellulose wouldn't be growing, and the bluer light is where the cellulose would. In this case the 3d bio-printer would be printing an 'H' symbol.

Biohacking is the next big thing, but people aren't just talking about it anymore, they're using it to 3d print objects. Read more »


We first met Hugo Silva last year when he introduced us to Bitalino, an Arduino-compatible electronics toolkit designed for exploring the various physiological signals that the human body gives off. The latest iteration of the platform, BITalino (r)evolution, is more affordable and capable than ever, but the team still needs... Read more »

Have you ever wondered if a working guitar could be 3D printed? That question has now been answered by Jeff Kerr’s beautifuly printed model.  Not only does it look great, it sounds very good too, as seen in the video below. The design may seem a little strange if you’re... Read more »


Artist Helmut Smits turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water in a clever sculpture called "The Real Thing." Read more »

Spectators are encouraged to send texts to a PC that changes the laser parameters.

Interactive Designer Filipe Vilas-Boas recently revamped an old French church by installing an interactive laser light show, powered by cell phones. Read more »

Beca from Tumbleweeds shows us what a talented artist can do with the Dremel VersaTip. Read more »


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