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Using an ultrasonic range sensor we can sense how far away objects are. Read more »


How To: Doctor Who TARDIS costume for dogs complete with TARDIS sounds and lights Read more »

The Global Cardboard Challenge happens in piles of boxes around the world this Saturday, October 11th. Craft your own arcade!

Some kids discover the Maker movement with their head already full of ideas for projects they want to realize. Other kids need a little nudge, some way to focus on a subset of The Wide World of Whatever You Want. In this edition of Finding Starter Projects, we offer you the focus imposed by... Read more »


There were many amazing things at the Faire this year, but the wide assortment of hackish items at the S&T Geotronics booth really caught my attention. The first thing that drew me in to the booth was the replica of a “stereotypical” bomb with a timer attached to it. Although... Read more »


Artist Brian Fernandes-Halloran pays homage an eccentric beekeeper with a sculpture made from found objects, which is also a functional apiary! Read more »


As part of World Space Week, we are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC), the world’s largest high altitude balloon event! The challenge is simple – coordinate people around the world to design, build, and fly a high altitude balloon anytime between April 10th and... Read more »


Artist, prankster, and F.A.T. Lab member Aram Bartholl will hold a very unique figure drawing class using only a classic version on Microsoft Paint and a mouse to draw a live model! Read more »


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