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In this project, I show you how to make decorative tombstones from plain sheets of Styrofoam. Read more »


A new initiative will put open-source drone software under one unified platform managed by the Linux Foundation. Read more »


Halloween is fast-approaching, and makers everywhere are gearing up. They’re strolling right past the aisles full of mass-produced costumes, heading instead to the hardware aisle, the fabric section, or the arts & crafts department, gathering materials for their own custom costume creations. One item that can play a starring role in a... Read more »


Artist Justin Favela creates enigmatic works of art through the very DIY medium of piñatas. Read more »


This week's collection of fun crowdfunding campaigns we think you should look at! Read more »


At the Atlanta Maker Faire on October fourth, I was happy to meet Payam Ghobadpour and Madeleyne Vaca who were showing off a prototype sign language translation glove called the Sign plus plus. They, along with Kelley Sheffield abd Andrew Thieck came up with this device at a HackGT hackathon... Read more »

Maker [Tim] used OpenSCAD to design his parametric peristaltic pump printed in one piec

The parametric peristaltic pump pushes fluid through tubing using a squeezing process making it perfect for IVs and bypass surgery without the threat of contamination. Its 3D printed already assembled, only the tubing needs to be inserted and it’s ready to roll. Read more »


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