If you’re tired of giving gifts that are easy to open, why not torture entertain the recipient with a present inside of this 3D printed puzzle box by Alex Maund? Of course, if the recipeint happens to have a hammer around, he may find an alternate solution, but the trick... Read more »


I stopped by Make Lehigh Valley in November to see what the group was working on. Make Lehigh Valley, a makerspace located in Allentown, PA, is open to the public on Thursday evenings. The group has been operating out of their current location for the past 4 years and is rapidly growing. The group... Read more »

The inside of the trailer shown by the official Twitter handle of the Garwood Center

The nationwide chain of makerspaces known as the TechShop franchise has partnered up with Fujitsu the Japanese multinational IT equipment manufacturer to produce a mobile makerspace ready to hit the road. Inside the 24 foot trailer is a wide variety of high tech tools including mini 3D printers, laser cutters,... Read more »


How to make a "Useless Candle;" its only function is to blow itself out Read more »

beautyshot 1

At World Maker Faire New York, I had a chance to hang out with artists Jaime Locke and Hank Robinson. Both were at the event showing off their skills in the Dremel booth. Their engravings are quite inspiring and during conversation, they convinced me to give it a try. After... Read more »


Arduino boards and military hardware don’t generally go together. For a piece of hardware that is no longer in use and will be on display, however, it makes a great method for lighting control. In this case, the lights go to an F-16, beautifully restored for the National Museum of... Read more »

A light table can be a very nice for designers and illustrators. Here's how to make one under $80! Read more »


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