$3 Mystery Books in the Maker Shed


The Maker Shed has too many books and we need to get them out of the way. Rather than continue tripping over them, throwing them at each other, and using them for broom hockey pucks, we've decided to sell them as Mystery Books for just $3.00 a piece. Yes, really. Read more »

Text Tool: Eight Amazing Engineering Stories

Regular readers will probably recognize Bill Hammack's name, by now, and require no introduction to him or his work. Engineer Guy series #4 is the first to include a companion book. Bill sent me a copy of Eight Amazing Engineering Stories back in May, shortly after the first video in... Read more »

Book Review: Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli

This weekend, we’re taking our 11-year-old daughter off to her first sleep-away camp. I can’t believe we’re already at this point in her life, and while I know she’ll be just fine, the mom in me can’t help but be a little nervous and nostalgic. She’s excited, too, but I... Read more »