Projects With Ryan Slaugh: DIY gas Leak Detector

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Projects With Ryan Slaugh: DIY gas Leak Detector
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The Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit gives you the components needed to detect different kinds of gases. In this episode of “Projects with Ryan Slaugh”, we will go through the steps of setting up the base experiment from the book included with the kit.

However, detecting gas in the atmosphere wont be where we stop. Some of my larger projects include a custom BBQ trailer and custom camping trailer. Part of the designs are propane gas connections. To test these connections for leaks I decided to use one of the sensors from the Gas Detector kit and some PVC pipe.  The resulting prototype is shown in the video.

This video demonstrates sensor interfacing, control using switching transistors, and data smoothing with alarm level calculations.

Here’s the link to the schematic.

For the code look here.

See the full series here.

2 thoughts on “Projects With Ryan Slaugh: DIY gas Leak Detector

  1. NAVNi says:

    I just started out something very similar

    Seems like I’m on the right track. Thanks for the example

  2. Kim Lorraine says:

    Where is the continuation of the gas leak projects

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