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Industrial Sound Controllers


Tristan Shone rolled out the ‘big guns’ for Maker Faire Bay Area 2010. His Industrial Sound Controllers are a musical...

Musical finger bowls


Well, like they say – If you wanna make some noise, you’ll have to get you’re hands wet (k, they...

Skull circuit touch instrument


Dirty Electronics’ new PCB instrument creates some noisy-good reasons to touch a skull – The Skull Etching combines etched artwork...

The Double Slide music controller


Seen in action above – the Double Slide Controller, winner of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition – Developed by composer...

“I make …” 2010


Meet just a few of the makers & crafters who made Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 such a great event...

From PCB design to reality

From PCB design to reality


From the MAKE Flickr pool Flickr member Laen superimposed his PCB design over a pic of the finished product and...

Plywood drumbot jams with human


Steve Averill’s drummer may not be much for conversation between gigs, but I’m guessing his low payrate makes up for...

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