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Kaossonome touch-sensitive LED matrix

Kaossonome touch-sensitive LED matrix


Inspired by the Kaoss Pad and monome music controller/interfaces, Alexander Randon created the Kaossonome The Kaossonome is my first electronic...

A physical tone matrix

A physical tone matrix


Inspired by the popular flash-based ToneMatrix melody-sequencer, Andrew decided he wanted a tangible 16×16 LED matrix instrument. Sure, there are...

Audio myths dispelled


From ultra-low noise AC power cables to a frequency-calibrated jar of stones, it’s pretty amazing what can be sold in...

Audio Ballerinas


Benoît Maubrey’s DIE AUDIO GRUPPE perform wearing/using “Audio Tutus” driven by hand-mounted light-to-frequency converters – Basically  these are electro-acoustic clothes...

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