Tyler Winegarner

Tyler Winegarner

Video producer for Make:, also tinkerer, motorcyclist, gamer. Reads the comments. Uses tools, tells stories. Probably a human. Tweets @photoresistor

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Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.41.53 PM

What better way to celebrate the launch of the tiny, $5 Raspberry Pi Zero than to build a radio transmitter throwie from it. Read more »

Robot Resurrection

Our World Maker Faire live stream will keep you up to date on what's happening right now here at the New York Hall of Science. Read more »


Here's how I build a custom garage door opener with my cell phone and a Particle Core development board. Read more »


In this project, you'll learn how to use an Arduino microcontroller and a stepper motor to precisely control the panning of a camera during a time lapse. Read more »

Presence Lights-7

I’ve always been a fan of “presence lights” that turn on when I walk into a space. Sure, call me lazy, but there’s just something wonderful about electronics being able to anticipate my needs and look after them before I take action on my own. I’ve been enjoying working with... Read more »


There’s a common argument that you can’t make anything useful on a 3D printer. That’s not exactly true, and these 3D printed hand bolts aren’t just useful, they also add utility to the hardware you already have in your shop. I can’t take full credit on this design — I first... Read more »


Roll your own photography light panel for a fraction of the cost of pro units. Read more »