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Tyler Winegarner

Tyler Winegarner

Video producer for Make:, also tinkerer, motorcyclist, gamer. Reads the comments. Uses tools, tells stories. Probably a human. Tweets @photoresistor

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See more in 'A NIght With The Doctor!', a Doctor Who art show and performance happening at 7:30pm March 21, in San Francisco.

David Haaz-Baroque is an amateur puppet maker and puppeteer from Oakland who performs with his creations under the name Shadow Circus Creature Theatre. His love of theatrical puppeteering has lead him on a unique artistic path, with shows throughout the Bay Area and beyond, including several guest appearances on the television show... Read more »

Of course, the shop cats know who the real shop bosses are.

  Now in his 40th year of blacksmithing, San Francisco Bay Area blacksmith James Austin has spent a lifetime researching little-known or lost metalworking techniques, and developing his own. Unable to deny his love for metal fabrication, James apprenticed to a blacksmith in Germany in the early 1980s after receiving... Read more »


    A good sturdy zipper can provide years and years of service, but usually the zipper pull is the first part to break. It’s wasteful to replace an entire bag or jacket because such a small part stopped working, but the pull is absolutely necessary for easy use. Sure, you can... Read more »


As the FPV drone flying grows and grows, it’s easy to expect more people showing up at your local gatherings. In general, that’s great for the community, but it can result in some serious difficulties keeping the radio waves clear for active pilots. Poorly managed frequencies can turn any FPV meetup... Read more »


  The Drone Dudes stopped by the Maker Media Lab recently to show off their custom octocopter setup, and we took the opportunity to get it — and them — on camera. The crew is a group of commercial, aerial cinematographers specializing in using high-end, custom octocopters for close proximity... Read more »


Roll your own photography light panel for a fraction of the cost of pro units. Read more »