Tyler Winegarner

Tyler Winegarner

Video producer for Make:, also tinkerer, motorcyclist, gamer. Reads the comments. Uses tools, tells stories. Probably a human. Tweets @photoresistor

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Hackers and upstarts gather for an unconventional trackday just north of Sacramento: All the vehicles were autonomous. Read more »


There’s a popular quote about the value of tools: “Good equipment ain’t cheap, and cheap equipment ain’t good.” Neither part of this quote applies to the Phantom 3 Standard. Just under $500, this model is the entry point in the Phantom lineup. Released a few months after the Professional model,... Read more »


Makey is beginning to take shape in the latest installment of "The Making of a Mascot". See how Shawn preps a prototype to mold fiberglass. Read more »


With its recent price drop, the Phantom 3 Professional might be the best starting point for anyone seriously interested in aerial cinematography. Out of the box, the quadcopter is straightforward to set up. The propellers thread onto color-matched screws, and a wrench in the included toolkit helps achieve critical tightness.... Read more »


Shawn Thorsson is making a Makey mascot for our Maker Faires! We take you behind the scenes to see how the costume is made. Read more »


Blackmagic's new 3G-SDI Arduino shield will make automating your camera and photography rig easier than ever with SDI input and output. Read more »