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Radio hacker extraordinaire Greg Charvot recently finished constructing this homebrew radio transceiver for the 20 M SSB ham radio band Read more »

Greg Charvat, a researcher at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, wrote in to share his old workshop, the Rad Lab: This workshop is full of microwave test gear, analog test gear, new stock components, data books, sorted parts, etc. It also has a complete machine shop with a Bridgeport vertical mill, a... Read more »

Radar hacker and radio restorer extraordinaire Greg Charvat made this Portable Amateur Radio Two-way Station (PARTS), fitting an entire HF radio setup into a vintage WW2 foot locker. Read more »

Ever wish you could build a radar system like the ones used on space missions and spy satellites? Read more »

Ever wonder what goes into the design of a vacuum tube audio amplifier? Read more »

What do you do once you are already a skilled radio designer and restorer? Read more »

Radio hacker and swing dancer Greg Charvot is at it again with his latest restoration, the Retro Boom Box. His local swing group was in need of a portable radio to use for impromptu Lindy Hopping, so he outfitted a 1940's radio with modern batteries that they could use while... Read more »


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