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The Evolution Will Be Roboticized

You might say that Michael Overstreet believes in evolution. His mission is to start with a working humanoid robot design,...

Latest 3D Printing Projects

Fun with Flexible 3D Printing Filaments

Fun with Flexible 3D Printing Filaments

In the past few years, a flurry of...

Matt Stultz

3D Print Your Medical Scan

3D Print Your Medical Scan

Prep CT images to print, using open-source software.

Luis Ibáñez

  • Difficulty: Difficult

DiResta: Push Sticks

  Many people ask me about the branded push stick I use in my videos. Here you can watch me...

Latest CNC Machining Projects

ShopBot Desktop Universal Vacuum Hold-down System

ShopBot Desktop Universal Vacuum Hold-down System

Build a vacuum hold-down system with serious suction...

Dan Spangler

  • Difficulty: Moderate
CNC Maker Bench

CNC Maker Bench

Create custom CNC tables for your workshop using...

Anna Kaziunas France

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Latest Computer-Controlled Cutting Projects

How To Make A Boat Hitch Table

Make an adjustable-height modeling table like the pros,...

Dan Spangler

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair

Transform 44 cable fasteners and a half-sheet of...

Will Holman

CNC At Home: Machining Aluminum with a Tormach PCNC 1100

Unlike 3D printing, machining applies substantial lateral loads on parts: clamps, vises, and other workholding methods are crucial — and...

Latest Machining Projects

How to Make Cardboard Automata

How to Make Cardboard Automata

  Perhaps the most famous automaton, the fabled...

Josh Burker

CNC Bottle Opener in Wood and Aluminum

CNC Bottle Opener in Wood and Aluminum

There are a lot of CAD/CAM/and machine control...


  • Difficulty: Easy

DiResta: Sawhorses

I needed new shop horses to manage different projects and locations in my shop. I went to buy them, but...

Latest Tools Projects

Build a Cordless Drill Powered Go-Kart

Build a Cordless Drill Powered Go-Kart

Educator and Make: author Gever Tulley helps kids build...

Gever Tulley

  • Difficulty: Moderate
How to Make Cardboard Automata

How to Make Cardboard Automata

  Perhaps the most famous automaton, the fabled...

Josh Burker

DiResta: Cat Puppet Paws

In this video you can watch me make a set of puppet cat paws. I have a "tip series" on...

Latest Woodworking Projects

How to Make Twig Pencils

How to Make Twig Pencils

These handsome twig pencils couldn’t be any easier...

Tyler Winegarner

  • Difficulty: Easy
Arduino-Powered Pinewood Derby Race Car

Arduino-Powered Pinewood Derby Race Car

John: My son is in Cub Scouts, and...

John M. Wargo and August M. Wargo

  • Time Required: A Weekend