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The Evolution Will Be Roboticized

You might say that Michael Overstreet believes in evolution. His mission is to start with a working humanoid robot design,...

Latest 3D Printing Projects

Fun with Flexible 3D Printing Filaments

Fun with Flexible 3D Printing Filaments

In the past few years, a flurry of...

Matt Stultz

3D Print Your Medical Scan

3D Print Your Medical Scan

Prep CT images to print, using open-source software.

Luis Ibáñez

  • Difficulty: Difficult

DiResta: Push Sticks

  Many people ask me about the branded push stick I use in my videos. Here you can watch me...

Latest CNC Machining Projects

ShopBot Desktop Universal Vacuum Hold-down System

ShopBot Desktop Universal Vacuum Hold-down System

Build a vacuum hold-down system with serious suction...

Dan Spangler

  • Difficulty: Moderate
CNC Maker Bench

CNC Maker Bench

Create custom CNC tables for your workshop using...

Anna Kaziunas France

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Latest Computer-Controlled Cutting Projects

How To Make A Boat Hitch Table

Make an adjustable-height modeling table like the pros,...

Dan Spangler

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair

The Zip Tie Lounge Chair

Transform 44 cable fasteners and a half-sheet of...

Will Holman

CNC At Home: Machining Aluminum with a Tormach PCNC 1100

Unlike 3D printing, machining applies substantial lateral loads on parts: clamps, vises, and other workholding methods are crucial — and...

Latest Machining Projects

CNC Bottle Opener in Wood and Aluminum

CNC Bottle Opener in Wood and Aluminum

There are a lot of CAD/CAM/and machine control...


  • Difficulty: Easy
DIY Injection Molding Machine

DIY Injection Molding Machine

Tried, true, and totally doable. Start cranking out...

Jim Hannon

DiResta: Sawhorses

I needed new shop horses to manage different projects and locations in my shop. I went to buy them, but...

Latest Tools Projects

Project: Super Size DIY Helping Hands Clamps

Project: Super Size DIY Helping Hands Clamps

I decided to build a bigger and stronger...

Jason Poel Smith

  • Difficulty: Easy
Sculpt Snow and Ice With This Hot Wire Cutter

Sculpt Snow and Ice With This Hot Wire Cutter

Have you ever wanted to sculpt something out...

Jason Poel Smith

  • Difficulty: Easy

DiResta: Cat Puppet Paws

In this video you can watch me make a set of puppet cat paws. I have a "tip series" on...

Latest Woodworking Projects

Arduino-Powered Pinewood Derby Race Car

Arduino-Powered Pinewood Derby Race Car

John: My son is in Cub Scouts, and...

John M. Wargo and August M. Wargo

  • Time Required: A Weekend
Easy Knockdown Occasional Table That Assembles In Seconds

Easy Knockdown Occasional Table That Assembles In Seconds

This sturdy table assembles in seconds without tools,...

Phil Bowie and Larry Cotton

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: A Weekend