Robotic ornithopter in-flight

Awesome slow-mo footage of a butterfly ornithopter from the Shimoyama-Matsumoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo, Japan. [via BotJunkie and Smart Machines] Artificial butterfly wing on a butterfly-type ornithopter Read more »

Selecting row number in MySQL

Michael Yakobi sent us this clever use of MySQL’s user defined variable syntax to return row numbers in a result set: Occasionally, one wants to execute a query and have the rows in the results set numbered. This could be done using a variable. For example: SELECT @row := @row... Read more »

Homemade New Year’s eve ball

Mactech’s homemade New Year’s eve ball! It’s 20 feet tall, made of two pieces of 3/4″ EMT with a coupler that wasn’t strong enough, so I taped some shims along the joint…guy wires to keep it from keeling over sideways. There are a couple of pulleys to hoist the ball. Read more »

Fuzzlab uber effects box

Beavis Audio Research brings us the Fuzzlab, an fusion of 4 classic DIY guitar distortion circuits into one hefty tweakable unit. The construction was a very long and educational process – Now that all is said and done, I learned a great many things from this project. I made a... Read more »

CNC tree

My internet friend, David Erwin, had a crisis on his hands; the Christmas tree was a “brown, shedding, fire hazard and it ended up in the front yard on the 23rd.” Well, being a ShopBot owner (as well as the owner of the best darned mid-century modern door company out... Read more »

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