Neave Planetarium

Paul Neave has a wonderful site to wander through, it’s full of little toys and wiggly kind of stuff. I really liked the Neave Planetarium; you can virtually explore the sky from any point around the world. Read more »

DIYBio for biohackers

Mac Cowell recently started the site DIYBio as a resource for biohackers working outside academic and industrial labs. DIYbio is an organization that aims to help make biology a worthwhile pursuit for citizen scientists, amateur biologists, and DIY biological engineers who value openness and safety. This will require mechanisms for... Read more »

Serv O’Beer with iPhone for the perfect pour

Steve writes in – Serv O’Beer is a project showing you step by step how to turn a bottle of beer using Construx, servo, and an ioBridge module. The system uses the accelerometer feedback to turn the servo controlling the position of the bottle. Enjoy the perfect pour while taking... Read more »