Year: 2008

Maker Channel 101 Screambody, Laser Harp, Cupcake Cars, TV-B-Gone

ScreamBody – Kelly Dobson wears her voice-activated scream machine. Laser Harp – Stephen Hobley’s amazing musical instrument produces different tones by interrupting various laser beams. Cupcake Cars – Paul Ozello’s small go-kart type cars are shaped and decorated like dessert–sweet! [Trouble Maker] TV Be Gone – Mitch Altman’s secret remote control hat can turn off […]

Maker to Maker – Nibbler

This ‘Toolbox’ segment finds William Gurstelle showcasing “The Nibbler,” a handy, compact, toothy device perfect for cutting and shaping sheet metal. Do you have any cool tools that do the same job, or can you suggest other uses for The Nibbler? Makers want to know; post your thoughts. Get the m4v or subscribe at iTunes. […]

Maker Profile – Bicycle Rodeo

Introducing Cyclecide, an inventive band of Bay Area performance artists who make creations out of materials from the junkyard. These Makers create everything from amusement park rides to outrageous bicycle contraptions to found-object sculpture. Plus, we take a historical spin through the origins of the modern bicycle. Check out Cyclecide’s website at Get the […]