Games, Food, and Crafts: 30 Projects To Fight Off Cabin Fever While Sheltering In Place

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Games, Food, and Crafts: 30 Projects To Fight Off Cabin Fever While Sheltering In Place

With Covid-19 leaving so many of us confined to our homes, people are searching for things to keep them busy, or to fill critical roles in their activities that have suddenly been changed.

We’ve scoured through our archives and put together this fun list of projects that you could do to stave off boredom, create wonderful treats, and even amuse your animals.

Lets start with some games! Of course you could pull out the classics, but no family ever came out the other side of a family game of monopoly in a good mood. Sometimes building your own games and toys can be a fantastic alternative

One thing we’re seeing people really exploring during this time is food! So many wonderful pictures of fresh baked bread and tasty desserts are floating around social media right now it is astonishing. Why not make your friends jealous with one of these clever projects?

Listen, your pets don’t deserve any sympathy right now. You’re cooped up at home and they’re getting more attention than they deserve. How about 3 projects that will let you maybe step away from your furry friends for a little bit?


It’s spring right? At least for the folks in the U.S. It is prime time to be getting those gardens in shape. You may find, like I do, that getting your hands in the soil really gets your mind off of, well, everything else.

  • Keep those plants from getting thirsty with a water efficient self wicking bed.
  • Compost is a fantastic way to reuse your food waste, and create great garden soil. A custom compost bin can be very helpful in achieving good results.
  • Do you happen to have some small plastic containers sitting around? Maybe a little green piggie or a blue cup? If so, we have the perfect tutorial for you. You can plant herbs in them. C’mon, did you really need us to explain that to you? Plant herbs in containers, but like…. do it with cute containers instead. Groundbreaking.
  • Create faux stone planters at home for some pretty impressive results. This is called Hypertufa which is a really funny word. Hypertufa. Say it with me. HY-PER-TOOF-UH. Not only do these sound funny, they’re actually pretty great planters.
  • Hydroponics have been a very popular area for some home exploration for a while. Give it a try if you can get your supplies.
  • A simple 2×4 planter box is a great way to separate your garden from your lawn, especially if you need to add some better soil for planting.
  • When you’re planting those cucumbers that will quickly overtake your entire garden and produce more than you’ll ever eat in a lifetime, you should consider also putting in a trellis. You can help reign in the cucumber for a week or two before you give up and decide that this your life now, buried in cucumber.

Are you still here? Wow, great. I’ve got an idea. Come a little closer. LET’S DECORATE! Just imagine the crazy projects you could pull off! You could paint rugs on your floor! oooh, lets glue all the furniture to the ceiling. No? Not quite lost your mind that much yet? Well, how about you try these out and we’ll just circle back next week and see if you’re ready.

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Congratulations! You made it through all 30 of the projects we found! You know what, there are hundreds more available right now. Just go to our projects system and dig around. Make a list. That’s a fun little exercise that will keep you occupied for a couple hours.

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