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Make: Editors

Make: Editors

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Oobleck is a delightful non-Newtonian fluid that exists as a liquid under low-stress situations, but becomes more viscous when agitated or vibrated. Named after a fictional green precipitation in a Dr. Seuss book, the substance is fun on its own, but you can add more awesome by making it glow... Read more »


This horrifying Xenomorph homage to H.R. Giger—in particular, his indelible influence on the aesthetic of the Alien film universe—was created by Eva Taylor, a student of dramatic art (properties) at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, Australia. The hybrid animatronic-rod puppet draws its inspiration from the “bambi burster”... Read more »


SeeMeCNC's 17-foot-tall PartDaddy wowed crowds at World Maker Faire. Read more »


Herb Deutsch brought the most famous of the early synthesizers, the Minimoog, to World Maker Faire. Read more »


The Bionic Boot is made of speargun springs, carbon fiber, and metal. Read more »


Make: talks with Dean Hopkins, Technical Director about iLuminate, which combines technology and dance for live productions. Read more »


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