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Each tile holds several digital LEDs, which have onboard controllers and are individually addressable allowing for customizable lighting effects. Read more »


Amr Saleh of 1Sheeld and Vasilis Georgitzikis of codebender met when they were assigned booths next to each other. Read more »


Oobleck is a delightful non-Newtonian fluid that exists as a liquid under low-stress situations, but becomes more viscous when agitated or vibrated. Named after a fictional green precipitation in a Dr. Seuss book, the substance is fun on its own, but you can add more awesome by making it glow... Read more »


Home of the three-time Power Racing Series champions, Sector67 is a well-organized hackerspace near the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. Read more »

Somerville, Massachusetts – Artisan's Asylum is one of the largest makerspaces in the country. Housed in the old Ames Safety Envelope facility, this village of 120 makersʼ studios under one roof comes with fabrication tools galore and offers classes for new makers on everything from bike building to lampworking. Donʼt miss Stompy, their Kickstarted giant hexapod robot.

What makes a makerspace interesting? Itʼs not just the size of the shop or the number of active members. Nor is it the selection of tools. Sure, those pieces count, but itʼs how a makerspace slots into its community — elevating and inspiring the makers — that makes it stand... Read more »

A curious girl checks out Baron Von Jabba's pedal-powered "creature quad," Miss Tickle.

Is it fair to say this was the best Faire yet? Yes, it is. Check out these hot-off-the-card shots from Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 by our photo editor Jeffrey Braverman and photographer Gunther Kirsch. Read more »

OMG Jellyfish by Billion Jelly Bloom in Fiesta Hall.

Maker Faire Bay Area opened Saturday with an ever-exuberant crowd of tinkerers, experimentalists, artists, hobbyists, and of course, makers. Read more »


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