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The first day of Spring has already arrived, which means that Easter is just around the bend! You may have always associated Easter with pastel colors and chocolate bunnies. In reality, there are lots of awesome, geeky ways you can celebrate the holiday by making some creative and unique Easter... Read more »


MakerCon 2015 is Make:’s popular conference on the business of Making and the impact of the Maker Movement. Presented by Intel, the event will take place May 12-13, at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, and will look at Makers who are going pro by bringing their projects, products, and... Read more »

The Make Lab, full of makers at our recent wearables get together.

  Make: magazine Volume 44 hit the newsstands on March 24 and this issue is all about DRONES! To celebrate, Make: will host a meetup at the Maker Media Lab at the Palace of Fine Arts. These days drones are buzzing, not only in the skies, but throughout the Maker community! Makers’ love... Read more »


The humble rubber band opens up a whole range of possibilities for fun DIY projects. These rubber band toys make great gifts, particularly for geeky kids or partners who appreciate the homemade touch.   Rubber Band Car Launcher You can use the explosive energy stored in a stretched rubber band... Read more »


Video game technology gets updated pretty often, but that doesn’t mean when you get sick of your old games and consoles and update to new ones that you have to get rid of them. Instead, here’s a few pretty awesome ways to repurpose video game equipment so that you can... Read more »