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Since it opened its doors almost a decade ago, TechShop has become one of the most well-known and widespread makerspaces in the country. Today, Founder and Chairmain Jim Newton made a big announcement about CEO Mark Hatch's resignation. Read more »


Join us on Tuesday, July 19, at 11am PT, as we kick off our new “Meet the Maker” biweekly video series, live-streamed on Twitch. Read more »


The original BeagleBone — sometimes known as “the white board” — was expensive, however its successor, the BeagleBone Black, was much cheaper and more capable. While never a runaway success like the Raspberry Pi, possibly due to the notorious supply problems, the BeagleBone line was arguably better suited for hardware... Read more »


The NanoPi M1 comes in two versions, one with 512MB of RAM, the other with 1GB of RAM for $5 more. The NanoPi M1 from FriendlyARM is a neat little board, just two-thirds the size of the Raspberry Pi. Powered by an Allwinner H3 processor, the board is very similar... Read more »


Follow us throughout the day as we cover all of the action at the 2nd annual National Maker Faire in Washington, DC. Read more »


We recommit to sparking the creative confidence of all Americans and to giving them the skills, mentors, and resources they need... Read more »


Tune in to this post for a constant stream of live updates from Maker Faire Bay Area 2016! Read more »