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Adam Savage geeks out with author Andy Weir about his upcoming MacGyver-in-space movie, The Martian. Read more »


This makeathon will unite Makers and people who understand disabilities to develop prototypes that could address the challenges presented. Read more »

On May 23, 2015, the Wilson County Mini Maker Faire was held at the Floresville Event Center in Floresville, Texas. This was our first Mini Maker Faire and we are excited that it went as well as it did. We had 21 Makers and Exhibitors ranging from needlework to 3D... Read more »


The first day of Maker Camp's best summer ever: Hop over to to Explore, Make, and Share with campers like you around the world. Read more »

Electric Bike

Making in Italy didn't start with the Arduino, nor did it end when the Arduino became the next immigrant to pass through Ellis Island, and production began in New York just a few days ago. Read more »


Cellphone snooping. Network surveillance. Face recognition technology. As the gadgets we search, watch, and read become more able to watch us back, Makers are finding clever ways to guard their digital privacy and maintain anonymity online. Here are a few of our favorites. BROWSE ANONYMOUSLY DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/Tor Router... Read more »

spround 290 by 180

Sprout by HP is far from your average desktop PC. It’s a way to merge the physical world that we live in with the digital world that we work in. With new ways to bring physical objects into the digital workspace, Sprout is poised to change the way that we... Read more »