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Here's a rundown of some great projects for geeky campers everywhere. Read more »


Maker ingenuity extends pretty far in all directions and interests. Many makers would agree that the garage or workshop is one of the biggest hubs of those activities. Here are 6 projects to improve your workshop and storage. Japanese Toolbox   Where better to start with your storage projects than... Read more »


Coffee is an essential part of most people’s daily routine. We’re highlighting some coffee hacks that will help you enjoy every aspect of coffee, from roasting the beans yourself in a converted washing machine, to using your computer to keep your coffee warm while you tear out your hair over... Read more »


Valentine’s Day comes to Maker land, too, but we¬†celebrate it differently here. If you’re looking for a way to step out of the rising flood of roses and bonbons but still give Valentine’s Day its due, here are four¬†cool ideas: 1. Print a 3D valentine It’s obvious, right? While old-fashioned... Read more »

Combine a webcam with real-time computer vision software OpenCV to automate messages to your makerspace whenever dishes pile up. Read more »


A simple three-switch effects looper for the BeagleBone Black built with open source software. Read more »


Track all the bits and bytes that pass over a network connection. Convert that signal to blinking lights on a tricolor LED strip. Read more »


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