Here’s a cool and very simple idea from DaveHax for how to make a pumpkin disco ball. A pessimist say that this pumpkin hack is being featured here a month too late. An optimist, however, would realize that this idea gives you well over 10 months to get one ready... Read more »


The Bottle Bit See on Kickstarter Raax Robotic Linear Actuators See on Kickstarter Zubot Transformers See on Kickstarter Desktop Record Cutter   See on Kickstarter Zano Drone See on Kickstarter Anura Pocketable Drone See on Kickstarter   Read more »


Note: This is an excerpt from Charles Platt’s newest book, The Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, Volume 2, the second in his reference trilogy. Unlike the “Learning by Discovery” emphasis of Charles’ popular Make: Electronics and Make: More Electronics, the Encyclopedia series doesn’t have step-by-step instructions for experiments, but rather, is... Read more »


In partnership with Astronaut Tim Peake, UK Space, and the European Space Agency, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is sending their single board computers to the International Space Station in a program dubbed “Astro Pi.” Two Raspberry Pis will be sent to the ISS as part of Tim’s 6 month mission... Read more »

Projectors can be expensive. Fortunately, slide projectors are not. The idea has probably occurred to many of us that one of these could be melded with modern electronics. It’s possible it’s been done before, but This converted model, made at the Cairo Hackerspace (that’s Egypt, not Georgia), is the first working... Read more »

Turn your robot starter kit into a jousting bot!

Turn a basic line-following robot into a jousting knight. Append a simple circuit to the chassis, add some personality to your bot, and let the games begin! Read more »


Charles Clary turns his childhood nostalgia into striking works of art in a series of sculptures constructed from intricately cut layers of colored paper. Read more »


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