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The 5th annual World Maker Faire NY opens soon! Kicking off the weekend will be a talk titled "Investing in Today for a Secure Tomorrow" by legendary inventor and maker Dean Kamen. Read more »

Perhaps you’ve seen an Eames chair and thought you’d like one. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s a distinctly “70’s” style of chair that somehow manages to still look great today. Unfortunately, this kind of classic styling and quality construction comes with a price tag in the $5000... Read more »


  The Noco Mini Maker Faire, an all-ages festival, is thrilled to bring do-it-yourself makers never before seen creations, new inventions and DIY tech to the City of Loveland. This year’s faire includes a fire breathing, laser shooting, 30 foot robot resurrection, a BrickBuilder expo, a youth entrepreneurship showcase, a... Read more »


The Detroit fire department is dreadfully underfunded to the point that they've had to devise their own DIY emergency alarm system until they receive the funding to install a proper one! Read more »

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The joy comes from figuring out this process along the way. Read more »

Anchor Keychain

Putting on a Mini Maker Faire takes a lot, and we’ve documented the process in How to Make a Maker Faire. But even after you’ve figured how how many tables, tents, and portable toilets you need, you still have to figure out how to pay for all of it. Read more »


The Pi Top is an educational kit. It appears as though it is in the early stages of planning an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. the basic idea is that you assemble the entire laptop yourself and learn a few things along the way. There are a series of lessons packaged in... Read more »


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