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Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Fun With Pop-Up Stamps
Re-create this trick postage stamp to make pop-up toys and cards.

Amateur Scientist: Listening to Light
Over the years I’ve designed many electronic circuits that transform steady (DC) or modulated (AC) beams of light into sound.

Squishy Circuits: The Soft Matrix
Make soft touch pads and panels in conductive fabric to control wearables, LEDs, and more

DIY Graffiti Projector
“Guerrilla projection, pioneered by artists and advertisers, has been increasingly embraced by activists in recent years as a new medium for delivering messages.

Anyone Can Use AI
Build your first AI project using a micro:bit board and Google's Teachable Machine

Ginormous Froebel Blocks
Super-size a classic teaching toy and put the play back in playground

Build a DIY Digital Clock With Glowing, Flowing Light Pipes
Build a colorful clock using light pipes that is easy and fast to make

This Zodiac Embroidery Lights Up
What’s your star sign? Stitch your favorite constellation and light it up for all to see

Corsi Box Air Purifier: Join the Air Movement!
Build your own “Corsi box” air purifiers to battle viruses, wildfire smoke, and indoor air pollution

Cardboard Box Eclipse Viewer
Make a portable pinhole projector from household stuff to safely watch solar eclipses

Mini Infinity Cube
It’s a star-filled universe — in your pocket!

Sew Wearable Soft Speakers
We’re going to explore ways to make audio speakers more wearable — not by sewing ordinary hard speakers into garments, but by creating new kinds of speakers out of textiles and conductive thread.