Make: Volume 76 — Behind New Eyes

Make: Volume 76’s cover story is an enlightening profile feature about Jorvon Moss, aka “Odd Jayy,” and the genesis of his delightful robotic companions and his new set of moving, responsive sci-fi goggles.

Then, take a deep dive into LoRa, the long-range, free-to-use wireless protocol that’s great for tracking sensor data. Learn the basics in our in-depth primer, and then put your knowledge to use building an off-the-grid portable text messaging network.

And in our special music section, create new and interesting musical instruments using everyday maker tools like microcontrollers, servos, and more. Learn to set up a MIDI-enabled, BLE driven xylophone. Then make a tapping bot that listens to the rhythms around it and synchronizes its output to match them. And finally, build a 3D-printed pocket synthesizer that omits a dedicated PCB for simple route-in-place wiring. Now you’re ready to rock!

Plus, explore 30+ projects and skill builders, including:

  • Construct a location tracking clock like the Weasley family has in the Harry Potter series
  • Build a unique, single-rotor “ball drone” that uses air vanes to navigate
  • Learn to use a Raspberry Pi & Pi camera to stream live video
  • Make a fold-up kayak out of corrugated plastic sheets
  • And tons more projects and maker inspiration!

On the Cover: Jorvon Moss — aka @odd_jayy — rocks the latest version of his sci-fi-inspired Magpie goggles.

Table of Contents



Policies that invest in our community can help makers solve new problems in the future.Page 06

Made on Earth

Backyard builds from around the globe.Page 08

Making a Safer Space

Narwhal Labs was about to open its doors. Then the Covid-19 shutdown hit and the makerspace needed to navigate a new course.Page 12

Me and My Robot

Odd Jay wanted a friend so he built a robot — and in doing so, he discovered his community.Page 16


Ball Drone Mk II

This unique single-rotor drone steers with air vanes instead of extra props.Page 20

DIY Folding Kayak

Escape from it all in this lightweight, foldable boat made of corrugated plastic.Page 28

Weasley Whereabouts Clock

Build a real location clock that knows and shows where your family and friends are.Page 42

Maker Magician

A card mysteriously arises, and in a flash, changes into the right one!Page 50

Stick Man

Show your Lego love by constructing an oversized wooden minifig.Page 62

Corona Creativity

Cooped up by Covid-19, makers are sharing fun and functional fixes that you can make, too.Page 66

New From Make: Projects

Makers everywhere are sharing great builds on — post yours, too!Page 70

Making Music

Aural Innovations

All instruments are inventions, and all music is made up — so make your own, using microcontrollers.Page 74

Glocken’ Roll

Play this wireless BLE MIDI xylophone, or watch it play itself!Page 84


Get started with DIY synths with this 3D-printable, no-PCB keyboard.Page 98

Skill Builder

Go Long!

Need to monitor remote sensors on your next project? LoRa might be your best wireless bet.Page 102

More LoRa to Explore

Flex your reach with these long-range projects.Page 110


Learn to build and flash a graphical Arduino-based device with this wireless LoRa communicator.Page 112

Pretty Printed Patterns

3D-print mesmerizing designs into your creations by customizing and controlling the toolpath of your first layer.Page 118



Gear up with the latest tools and kits for makers.Page 122

Over the Top

Double Decker

Witness the world’s largest concrete 3D printer build a 2-story house!Page 128