Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger ([email protected]) is an inventor/designer with 30 years of experience making fun stuff.

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oops creamer

Use moldable plastic to create great new practical jokes! Read more »

3-29 spudmarine

Based on a classic cereal box toy, this fun "spudmarine" uses a potato and baking powder to make a sub that dives and resurfaces in a pitcher of water. Read more »

anamorphic makeybot

You can transform a drawing into a distorted coloring book page that reveals the image in a curved mirror. Read more »

Invented and drawn by Bob Knetzger

Create custom tiddlywinks using your own unique design and polystyrene film. Read more »

assemble glider

Follow these steps to turn a foam plate into a soaring falcon! Read more »

TIN featured image

Here’s a fun tutorial that was used in a DIY project found in a past issue of Make: — the “EZ-Make Oven.” It featured an incandescent bulb, as a heat source, built into a paint can for baking plastisol creatures, aka Creepy Crawlers! Here is how you can make something else with the EZ-Make... Read more »

sandal test 3@72

Here’s a fun and easy project for summer: Hack a pair of flip-flops so they make designs in the sand as you walk. Just add a bit of Sugru to your sandals and start stamping! Read more »