Latest from Matt Maranian

Kona Kai Jewelry Stand


My lovely wife has been collecting vintage jewelry for most of her adult life. Some pieces she considers “too good...

Hanging Votive Globes


They look great outdoors (the globe keeps the wind from blowing out the flame) and nice indoors, too (who doesn’t...

Lamp with a Thousand Eyes


Roger Korman meets Man Ray in this from-scratch assemblage that requires virtually no skill. It does, however, require a little...

Homemade Frame


Some scrap plywood and a sheet of plexiglass fitted with a few cents’ worth of hardware is all it takes...

Vintage Book Stash


Recycle castoff books and turn them into this sneaky, decorative book safe.

Portrait Window


This is a project that celebrates friends. The core group. The people you can count on for a ride to...

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