Mint Tin Hero

A friend at work proposed a friendly competition between a few co-workers: to make something cool out of a Trader Joe's green tea mint tin. Anything - whatever our creative hearts desired. The prize? Nobody cared - we'd figure that part out later. I thought it would be fun to... Read more »

Protect Header Pins During Transport

Arduino shields are vital, yet their header pins tend to complicate easy storage and transport, and can sometimes be just too pokey. This guide shows a quick fix for the problem by using a rigid Davey binding board and affixing a plastic foam topping. Read more »

Nativity in Outer Space

Each year, my grandchildren and I build a different Nativity landscape. The little statuettes are always the same, but the scenery is different. This year my wife asked for Jesus’ manger to be in outer space. This is the result! Read more »

Automatic Pet Feeder

I am going to teach you how to properly set up an Arduino for this configuration and explain some basic programming. I am also going to explain to people how to build the system in a few simple steps. Read more »

The Smart Greenhouse

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 11:06 pm

The Smart Greenhouse is based on the vision of a greenhouse that would not rely on any human adjustment while maintaining a perfect micro-climate for a particular crop being cultivated inside. In other words, ideally this greenhouse could be left for a year in any (reasonable) climate and the seeds... Read more »

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