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This Packable Classroom Built by Kids Could Help Disaster Relief

As part of Shruthik Musukula's class at Valley Christian Junior High, he and his classmates built this foldable room for...

Latest Architecture Projects

Retrofit a Rustic Lantern with an Edison Bulb

Retrofit a Rustic Lantern with an Edison Bulb

  You can find these interesting looking old...

Caleb Kraft

Gingerboard Houses (by Kids)

Gingerboard Houses (by Kids)

Construct a whole village of recycled cardboard gingerbread...

Michelle "Binka" Hlubinka

Play That Funky Tune…with Weekend Projects!

  I'm always astounded by how you can take a handful of loose electronic components and assemble a circuit that...

Latest Music Projects

The $5 Cracker Box Amp

The $5 Cracker Box Amp

Build this workable little practice amp in about...

Ed Vogel

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Required: 1-2 hours
Intermission Sound Control with Raspberry Pi

Intermission Sound Control with Raspberry Pi

A few times a year I volunteer to...

Scott Wegner

  • Difficulty: Moderate

How to Make—And Win—Thranduil’s Elven Crown from The Hobbit

English maker and DIY costumer extraordinaire Klaire de Lys has created a beautiful version of Thranduil's crown featured in the Hobbit....

Latest Photography & Video Projects

POV Workbench Filming Rig

POV Workbench Filming Rig

This sweet POV rig built from aluminum t-slot...

John Baichtal

  • Difficulty: Easy
High-Speed Splash Photography Rig with Arduino

High-Speed Splash Photography Rig with Arduino

Photos of items dropping into water (or other...

Thomas Burg and Johannes Gottwald | Page Price: $100-200

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Required: A Weekend