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This Packable Classroom Built by Kids Could Help Disaster Relief

As part of Shruthik Musukula's class at Valley Christian Junior High, he and his classmates built this foldable room for...

Latest Architecture Projects

Backyard Climbing Wall

Backyard Climbing Wall

You can build a climbing wall indoors, or...


Skatehack: Sonify your skate tricks

Skatehack: Sonify your skate tricks

Customize your skateboarding experience and turn any skate surface...

Simon Morris

  • Difficulty: Moderate

How Much Bot Would a Drawbot Draw if a Drawbot Could Draw Bot?

As you can see in the image above the brains behind the TRS Drawbot is quite capable at rendering the...

Latest Music Projects

Raise a CNC’ed Makerspace Shed

Raise a CNC’ed Makerspace Shed

The shed is big enough to seat 16...

Rick Schertle and Lendy Dunaway

  • Difficulty: Difficult
Fused Filament Fiddle

Fused Filament Fiddle

3D-print a full-size electric violin, then plug in...

David Perry

How to Make—And Win—Thranduil’s Elven Crown from The Hobbit

English maker and DIY costumer extraordinaire Klaire de Lys has created a beautiful version of Thranduil's crown featured in the Hobbit....

Latest Photography & Video Projects

“Raspberry Eye” Remote Servo Cam

“Raspberry Eye” Remote Servo Cam

Build a DIY pan/tilt webcam sentry, and watch...

Matt Stultz

  • Difficulty: Moderate
The Brothers Lumiere and the Motion Picture

The Brothers Lumiere and the Motion Picture

Make the mechanism that put the movies on...

William Gurstelle

  • Difficulty: Easy