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Play That Funky Tune…with Weekend Projects!

  I'm always astounded by how you can take a handful of loose electronic components and assemble a circuit that...

Latest Music Projects

Laser Harp Synthesizer

Build a Two-Octave Laser Harp

I find laser harps fascinating. The first time...

Evan Reynolds

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Required: Weekend
Build a Bare-Bones “Skeleton” Amplifier

Build a Bare-Bones “Skeleton” Amplifier

This see-through mini-chip amplifier sounds ridiculously good. Build...

Ross Hershberger

  • Difficulty: Moderate

How to Make—And Win—Thranduil’s Elven Crown from The Hobbit

English maker and DIY costumer extraordinaire Klaire de Lys has created a beautiful version of Thranduil's crown featured in the Hobbit....

Latest Photography & Video Projects

Build an Automatic Photo Rig for Perfect Panoramas

Build an Automatic Photo Rig for Perfect Panoramas

Make an automatic camera rig for shooting high-resolution...

Jason Poel Smith

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Build a Rotating Feeder for Perfect Bird Pictures

Build a Rotating Feeder for Perfect Bird Pictures

Birds make lousy subjects for digital photographs. But...

Larry Cotton