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Detroit is Motor City. It’s Motown. It’s a city and a region that prospered because Henry Ford built the car “for the rest of us.” As we prepare for Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford, we’re looking to connect a new generation of tinkerers, inventors, engineers, artists, and crafters. They are makers who are in the process of making Detroit into something new. Who knows, maybe one day it will be known as Maker City filled with “risk-takers, doers and the makers of things.”

We’ve asked a number of people to tell us their own “Making Detroit” story, based on what they’re doing and what they can do. We’ve kicked off this series with a simple idea — ask people to tell their story about Making Detroit, whatever that means to them. It’s partially inspired by a blog post titled “Catastrophe Thinking” at by @nurturegirl. She writes that if we want to make change, we have to change the story. In terms of Detroit, we’d like people to tell their own story, which really is a new story for Detroit.


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  • Bob

    I just think that our freedom to do and to make brought us wealth. Now we have politicians, that sell our way of life and share our technical advances to poorer countries for what, so lobbist’s can profit more because they don’t what to pay out high expenses with our and their demands for higher wages and benefits. What we need to do is stop selling our technology to other countries.Stop free trade and limit what foreign can import.To much is foreign made here anymore and that needs to stop,and stop sending our resources to Chia. We need to be proud about what we have and to take care of what we have.Like the city of Detroit I love that place,The French founded it,and we are just going to let every piece of historical significant get torn down. Detroit needs to follow the examples of Chicago,New York,Texas and places like Quebec maybe they just have the wrong kind of government running Detroit.First we need to allow businesses to develop flourish by making it easier for small businesses to run without to much hassle.In Texas there are thousands of businesses all over making money.Different air craft fly at different altitudes maybe we could invent a floating craft that fly’s like on the Jetson’s we need to bring energy costs down by converting homes to Hydrogen Gas HHO cheap to make,but keep our knowledge to ourselves.We need to be about ourselves for a while till our economy gets rolling again.If companies don’t want to help put America back to work then put them out of business because we need job now.Jobs need to be listed in one place that is in the newspaper,there’s to many places on line,it just easier the old fashion way.And the last thing I think we need to to do is hit the Reset button in government there’s just to much red tape and rules in in our government than we had in the seventies and at least we still had more jobs then.

  • Rickie Phippard