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Author: Kathy Ceceri

Kathy's superpower is creating low-tech robotics and engineering projects that really work using ordinary everyday stuff. Her titles for Maker Media include Musical Inventions, Fabric Inventions, Edible Inventions, Paper Inventions, and Making Simple Robots. When she's not busy writing, Kathy presents workshops for students and educators at schools, museums, libraries,...

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Author: wpengine

This is the "wpengine" admin user that our staff uses to gain access to your admin area to provide support and troubleshooting. It can only be accessed by a button in our secure log that auto generates a password and dumps that password after the staff member has logged in....

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Homemade Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Homemade Indiana Jones Cat Bridge


Provide your cat with a some furnishings befitting their intrepid indoor exploits with this bespoke Indiana Jones cat bridge by...

Making a big Head Mario Costume

Making a big Head Mario Costume


Ever since seeing the Big Head Mode papercraft costume made by Eric Testroete, I’ve wanted to make my own ‘Big...

Amazing Super Mario Bros Bedroom

Amazing Super Mario Bros Bedroom


Epic parents and reddit users carpenter75 gave their daughter's bedroom an amazing Super Mario Bros makeover including hand-painted bricks and...

Lego Mario Bros Aquarium

Lego Mario Bros Aquarium


Redditor jennyleighb's roommate built a seascape from Lego with a Super Mario Bros. theme. I'm not sure how much the...

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs


I always enjoy seeing the different things people do to decorate Easter eggs. Super Mario Bros.-themed eggs. Why not? My...

Four-Level Super Mario Tower


When we were little, my sister and I wanted to play video games SO BAD. But our parents wouldn’t buy...

Super Mario High Heels


Jamie of Magic Bean Buyer on Etsy hand painted these rad Super Mario Brothers Shoes. These would have been the...

Super Mario Sweater


Fresh from Japan, this charming hand-knit, officially licensed Super Mario sweater comes in grey and blue at the handsome price...

Super Mario Fingernails


These Super Mario themed hand-painted fingernails are almost too ridiculous to be true. I love/can’t believe the shapes that break...

Stepper motor music


Michael put some stepper motors to work playing back MIDI tracks by way of Arduino – The data for the...

Drag and drop Super Mario


NES emulator hacker Xkeeper has been working on a Lua script that allows you to manipulate Super Mario Bros. game...

1 - 20 of 29 results